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Had to connect short sides together first, making sure edges were absolutely smooth parallel to each other. Then take whole row turned up at 45' angle slide/click into previous row.

Worked best when you had two people holding 15 ft. long strip of planks, then working down seam to make sure edges click together before flattening down new row. Even then didn't always securely lock up and you would have to re-do 2-3 rows! Real problem is product doesn't hold up to any wetness.

Yes I have a not so good dog, pee penetrates seams if not caught immediately edges swell up. Also smell holds so we get a repeat pee-formance!

The center layer of this product is like pegboard. I've torn it out went with Lifeproof /Isocore solid vinyl from Home Depot

Review about: Swift Lock Laminate Flooring.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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You failed to explain the nature of the product, object for usage, expected results.

An even $500 sounds awfully suspicious for anything except a wager.

Are you an expert installer ?

My dog has never peed anywhere except where she is supposed to in 13 years.

Sounds like you have more than one problem to fix.

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